Homemade Grape Jam

Homemade Grape Jam

Hi all, here is the tasty and easy homemade grape jam recipe. You can try it in your home. If you like my video, please like,subscribe and share my channel.Press the bell button for further notification.


  • Seedless grapes -250 gram
  • Pieces of grapes-12 nos
  • Sugar -100 gram
  • Cinnamon stick -3 inch
  • Lemon juice -1 tablespoon
  • Lemon zest -A pinch or 1/4 teaspoon


Add grapes into a blender and make the juice without adding water.

Cooking: Pour the juice into a pan,add sugar,lemon juice,

cinnamon sticks,and lemon zest.Mix it well and lets sit for few

minutes.Then heat the pan and stir the mix in low flame.When

the water reduces a little add grape pieces.Stir it for 15-20

minutes.When it starts to become thick,switch off the flame and

allow it for cooling.Transfer the grape jam into a sterilized jar

and keep in a cool place.


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